Rachel Taylor Brown “Half Hours With The Lower Creatures”

Album Reviews | Apr 13th, 2008

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Record Label: Cutthroat Pop Records
Genre: Creep Pop
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The album starts off with a 7-minute uber-creepy soundscape, like children being lost in a dark forest. Vocals finally kick in on the second song, and they, along with a hammering piano, contribute to the unease. The album continues along with weird percussion, bells, toy pianos, strings, distortion, and wispy vocals that flip between anguished and gleefully mocking. I got bryanscared.

But I dig this stuff. I wouldn’t play it with anyone around unless I wanted to feast on their growing madness and horror, but sometimes I need something a little creepy and jarring. I guess it’s the gothic romantic in me.

Midway through the album, the songs become a little more traditional, and as much as I like the circus-gone-mad feel of the first few songs, these off-kilter ballads might be my favorite. (See the Notable Tracks below.)

It gets uber-creepy again toward the end, but I hastily shut it off before it sucked me into a soul-stealing trance.

Bottom Line: Gothy ballads through the looking glass.
Notable Tracks: Abraham And Isaac, Mette In Madagascar
Overall Rating: