Radiators From Space – “Trouble Pilgrim”

Album Reviews | Dec 7th, 2011

Record Label: Shite N Onions
Genre: Punk Rock
Band Link: www.theradiators.tv
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The Radiators From Space third album “Trouble Pilgrim” was released way back in 2006 over in Europe but it’s finally being released over in the States now. Believe it or not, I haven’t really heard much from The Radiators From Space. I can definitely say I have been missing out!

The Dublin band consists of Philip Chevron of the Pogues and they were one of the earliest punk rock bands back in the late 70s. If the band influenced Bono, than you know they were important. The band got back together in 2004 and came out with this album in 2006. Cait O’Riordan (Formerly of the Pogues) and Johnny Bonnie joined the band since Jimmy Crashe and Mark Megaray left the band.

Trouble Pilgrim features a lot of Irish rock/punk rock songs that showcases the talents of Chevron. His singing is fantastic but so is his rockabilly guitar playing. I’m honestly shocked I never listened to the band since I’m a big fan of the Pogues and Philip Chevron’s songs from the Pogues. This album makes me want to check out the band’s earlier releases since this is so good.

Radiators From Space isn’t the screaming type of punk rock band you might hear now but ones similar to The Clash, Undertones, and garage/rockabilly style bands. If you haven’t listened to RFS, check them out!

Bottom Line: The third album from The Radiators From Space makes you want more!
Notable Tracks: Trouble Pilgrim, Joe Strummer, Tell Me Why, Package From Home
Overall Rating:


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