Rancid “Life Won’t Wait”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Epitaph
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With their fourth album in a few years, they took a lot of time to think this one out. They recorded this all over the place, including, Jamaica and New Orleans as well as other places. This one also includes a vast amount of guest musicians. Some guest musicians are Dicky Barrett, Buju Banton, Hepcat and the Specials. On most of the songs, Vic from the Slackers helps supply the keys as well. I like the lyrics to these songs too, which deal with many things like smoking, religion, violence, and our culture. Songs that I could listen to over and over again include their first single, “Bloodclot,” “Life Won’t Wait,” “Hooligans,” “Cash, Culture and Violence,” and “Who Would’ve Thought.” I heard positive and negative things about this album but I like it.

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