Real Mckenzies “Oot & Aboot”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Honest Dons
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I was waiting for this one for awhile because I really got into Real Mckenzies since their last album and the waiting is definitely worth it. This band really does stand alone from the other Celtic punk bands out there. Maybe because they consider their music Scottish punk where as most of the other ones are Irish. These guys are more bagpipe driven, which is fine in my book. This is probably their best album to date because the singing is top notch, the songs are fun to sing along and it just makes you want to dance like a retard around the room. Most of the songs are original, with one or two traditional songs thrown into the mix. Unfortunately, I miss the Real Mckenzies on tour so I can’t compare how they play live how they sound on their Cds. Either way, Real Mckenzies kick so much arse!!!

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Notable Tracks: “Droppin Like Flies” “Ye Banks and Braes” “Oot & Aboot” “Drink The Way I Do”
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