Rebelation “Steppas”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Do The Dog
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This is a reissue of Rebelation’s debut Cd and now you can get it again on Do the Dog Records. The band has duel vocalists, one male and one female and it works well. They play rootsy reggae and 2 tone ska. Since this is a reissue, the Cd comes with new artwork, remastered tracks and 4 bonus songs from Rebelation’s “Hey Where Is Your Soul” EP. I like their ska tunes more then their reggae stuff. It just sounds better to me. If you are in the mood for ska, give Rebelation a listen.

Bottom Line: Yeah, go buy this on Do the Dog Records’ website.
Notable Tracks: “Bring You Down” “Politrics” “Steppas Ska”
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