Rebelation – “The Berlin Session”

Album Reviews | Sep 20th, 2009

Record Label: Do the Dog Records
Genre: Ska
Band Link:

Rebelation plays rocksteady, ska reggae and hail from the UK. The Berlin Session is a 5 track EP that features some nice, groovy ska/reggae tunes. The songs were recorded in just 2 days, live in the Berlin studio. Not bad, not bad! I’ve always had others review their albums so this is the first time I’m hearing them. If I knew Rebelation were this good, I probably would have kept the releases for myself to review. I’m greedy like that.

I dig the rocksteady/reggae stuff and Rebelation pulls it off nicely. The female singing is lovely; especially on the first track “You Will Know.” Ruby from Ettin filled in for the original singer of the band. The second track “Freedom is a Must” sounds like something Hepcat would record. If I didn’t know this was Rebelation, I would have thought it was Hepcat. The guys singing in the band do a nice job as well. Even in 2 days, Rebelation can create some great reggae/rocksteady music!

Bottom Line: This EP makes you wanting more
Notable Tracks: You will Know, Sick of Waiting
Overall Rating:


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