Rebelution – “Bright Side of Life”

Album Reviews | By on Nov 22nd, 2009

Record Label: 87 Music
Genre: Reggae
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Rebelution hail from California and play roots reggae mixed in with some rock and even hip-hop. You shouldn’t mix up Rebelution with the UK ska/reggae band Rebelation. Wait, I think I already got them mixed up. In all honesty, I actually prefer the US reggae band Rebelution.

I haven’t heard of Rebelution before so I didn’t know what to expect. Their music is a nice blend of reggae styles that I like. The singer’s voice reminds me of Don Carlos of Black Uhuru and Nick Hexum from 311 a little bit. The guitar playing reminds me something Santana might do. Sometimes the tracks get a tad boring, or stretch out too long for my liking. The Bright Side of Life doesn’t really have any stand-out tracks but the overall album is very good. Give this band a chance and listen to some tracks on their MySpace page.

Bottom Line: Great sophomore effort from Rebelution!
Notable Tracks: Outta Control, Too Rude, Lazy Afternoon
Overall Rating:


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