Rebelution – “Free Rein”

Album Reviews | Jun 15th, 2018

Rebelution - Free Rein
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Record Label: Easy Star Records
Genre: Reggae Rock
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California’s Rebelution, the reggae rockers, are back with another excellent record with their 6th studio album Free Rein. Where 2016’s Falling into Place, was a faster paced, with more crowd pleasing anthems, Free Rein takes things down a half step and makes things into more of a groovy and chilled vibe.

Eric Rachmany, lead vocalist, guitarist and lyricist speaks about the issues that the world is facing, and there are many of them, brings to light that we all need to remain positive, be there for each other, and rise above the negativity. “Healing” stood out as a strong ballad that’s about finding something to make you happy, like music, and harness that energy into your body, mind and soul, and get through whatever demons you are facing, whether it’s disease, addiction, or depression. It reminds me of losing my father to cancer, and the thoughts of a loved one telling you it’ll be ok after they are long gone as long as you are true to yourself and use what they taught you and use that good in this world to get through it all.

Rebelution has really emerged as a powerhouse in the reggae community and especially amongst the “reggae rock” world where they are pulling in huge audiences and it really comes down to Rachmany and the rest of Rebelution’s message of being aware of social issues, uplifting lyrics and just a great vibe and atmosphere during their live performances. Free Rein is another feather in the cap of a band who has repeatedly put out fantastic records.

Bottom Line: My personal favorite is the 2016’s Falling into Place but Free Rein is another strong outing.
Notable tracks: City Life, Healing, Settle Down Easy, Rise To the Top, Celebrate
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