Reel Big Fish “Cheer Up”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Mojo/Jive
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I guess ska bands don’t want to be ska bands anymore. Reel Big Fish seem slower, but still have the horn section. That doesn’t mean they were the band they once were. They sound like they’re trying to go for the Huey Lewis/Oingo Boingo thing now. Nevertheless, I still liked this album. I know many RBF, and ska fans will hate this but I still liked it. I don’t think this album is as good as their previous albums. I mean, nothing beats “Turn The Radio Turn Off.” Their sound is slow at times, than skankable, than punky so they are exploring different sounds it seems. RBF do a tribute to NY with “New York, New York” and are definitely trying to be like Huey Lewis with this song. Do wop Da Bop.

Bottom Line: RBF fans might like it, than they might not so I don’t know. Why you asking me? haha
Notable Tracks: “Good Thing” “Somebody Loved Me” “Dateless Losers”
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