Revenge of the Platypus – “Dreams Instrumentals”

Album Reviews | Mar 4th, 2012

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Ambient
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I’m not familiar with this West Coast trip-hop band, nor have I heard their album “Dreams.” This release – “Dreams Instrumentals” – is that album sans vocals. I’d be curious to hear the vocal version; hopefully it contains rhymes or melodies or SOMETHING to lift this music from the muck.

I dig ambient, trip hop, and chill wave just like the next stoned guy, but “Dreams Instrumentals” is like Vangelis on Dramamine. There’s a smooth jazz/new agey Yellowjackets feel to it that makes me feel slightly embarrassed that I know who the Yellowjackets are.

A couple of tracks have a menacing feel, like the spooky Fear 11 and the toybox-in-an-asylum Majesty, but for the most part, these are very tepid sleepytime soundscapes that fail to generate an ounce of interest.

Bottom Line: Hopefully the vocal version de-cheeses this music.
Notable Tracks: Fear 11, Majesty
Overall Rating:


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