Rise Against – “Appeal to Reason”

Album Reviews | By on Oct 25th, 2008

Record Label: Interscope
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
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Rise Against’s latest album Appeal to Reason is the follow-up to the platinum album The Sufferer and the Witness. I didn’t care for their last album but I love Revolutions Per Minute and Siren Song of the Counter Culture albums. I think the band is getting more rock oriented but that doesn’t mean I don’t like this album. I actually think this album is better than The Sufferer and the Witness. I’m not sure why I didn’t like that album as much, but it just felt different. At least I can see myself listening to this album more than once.

The band does get a little too melodic for my liking sometimes, but it’s at least tolerable. I know the band members aren’t a bunch of pimple face boys wearing girl jeans and worrying about their hair style. I really think they have found their signature sound, and Tim’s vocals haven’t sounded better. Of course, if you ask any fan of the band, they will tell you that they prefer the band in the Revolutions Per Minute era. Fast, melodic and angry hardcore. I think the band are still those things, but their music is much more polished now. The band’s lyrics still mean something and aren’t just about stupid shit you’d hear on some screamo band’s album.

I honestly think this album is a lot better than their last and probably one of their best efforts to date. Sure, the band isn’t underground anymore but bands need to move on and try other ventures. Rise Against’s Appeal to Reason delivers for me and it should for fans as well.

Bottom Line: One of their best efforts to date
Notable Tracks: Collapse (Post-America), The Dirt Whispered, From Heads Unworthy, Hero to War
Overall Rating:


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