Roots of Creation – “Live”

Album Reviews | By on Sep 21st, 2008

Record Label: Harmonized Records
Genre: Reggae
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Here’s a riddle.

Q: What’s worse than listening to a bunch of white kids playing really low quality reggae with jam-band overtones and various failed attempts to ‘interpret’ Jamaican culture?

A: Hearing their live album.

Seriously, it’s bad enough that they sound more or less like a jam band that really liked Bob Marley, but with two tracks longer than 13 minutes, this is borderline unlistenable. When their only gimmicks are to praise Jah or use delay pedals, there should be multiple alarms going off. But that’s not the worst part of this whole debacle. They take one of my all time favourite Elvis Costello songs, Watching the Detectives, and pretty much defecate on everything that made it a great song.

Bottom Line: Do you like white kids playing ‘authentic’ reggae mixed with jam band tendencies? No? Neither do most people.
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