Ruder Than You – “Creation Sounds”

Album Reviews | Jan 24th, 2010

Record Label: God’s Ghetto Records
Genre: Ska
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Philly ska band Ruder Than You are back with a new album! I haven’t really checked out their newer releases (“Philly Stylee,” “God Ghetto’s EP”) all that much but I was eager to listen to this album. Their first 2 releases are amongst my favorites from Moon Ska Records. “Creation Sounds” features 8 tracks in all; mixing ska, reggae, jazz, funk together nicely.

The opening track “pRaise HaVoc” is a decent intro that’s very funk-based. The band returned to their classic ska/rocksteady roots with this album and it shows in the next few tracks. “Baby Tonight” is a fast ska track that will get those kids dancing at the club. Doug’s sax playing hasn’t sounded better in my opinion. The title track “Creation Sounds” is another example of his awesome sax playing. The song “Yo Ho Down” is an okay song but I really don’t like the “Hooo” background singing. It just starts to get annoying after awhile. If that was taken out, I would have liked the track more. The last 3 songs are slower ska/reggae style songs which I also dug.

While I don’t think this album isn’t as strong as their first 2 releases, this is still worth listening to if you liked Ruder Than You in the past. Support your local ska and check out Ruder Than You when they are play!

Bottom Line: Ruder Than You still know how to bring the ska!
Notable Tracks: Baby Tonight, Creation Sounds, Brand New Day
Overall Rating:


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