Run For It – “Better Days”

Album Reviews | Feb 18th, 2013

Record Label: Painted Ox Records
Genre: Pop Punk

Although Run For It are state homers…they hail from Lansdale, PA…I’m not giving them any benefit of the doubt.

If you’ve ever listened to any late 90’s pop punk bands like Simple Plan, Fenix TX, Bowling For Soup, etc. then you’ve already listened to this EP already. There are some decent guitar parts and the vocals are actually pretty good, but the songs are too sugary for repeat listens.

It’s only an EP, but I couldn’t get into any of the four songs on “Better Days”. Maybe once Run For It had a full album under their belts they could expand on their sound. As of now, it’s not that striking.

Bottom Line: Four pop punk songs that you’ve heard before
Notable Tracks: None
Overall Rating:


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