RX Bandits – Mandala

Album Reviews | By on Sep 20th, 2009

Record Label: Sargent House
Genre: Rock
Band Link: www.rxbandits.com
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Back in the day, RX Bandits (back then know as The Pharmaceutical Bandits) used to be a ska punk band. Now, I wouldn’t even know what to call them. I guess they ditched the horns, and decided to go in a completely different direction. Either way, I was never a fan so I don’t really care.

Rock is the focus of the band now, but they still like to mix other styles like emo, prog rock, reggae, indie and other styles. Honestly, I didn’t like this album just because it’s all over the place. One, it’s not a style of music I like and it just sounds messy. It’s not upbeat, and its too groove oriented. It feels like the band just recorded their jam sessions and decided to release it as an album. Just because you can write 4 minute + songs doesn’t mean you should. I didn’t get through one song without skipping it. I didn’t like the band when they were playing ska and I really don’t like them now.

Bottom Line: One messy CD that stoners will love
Notable Tracks: Its Only Another Parsec
Overall Rating:


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