Serious Geniuses – “You Can Steal The Riffs, But You Can’t Steal The Talent”

Album Reviews | By on Nov 9th, 2008

Record Label: Kiss Of Death
Genre: Indie/Punk
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Unless the album title is ironic, it’s baffling because I couldn’t hear any interesting riffs, and their talent is comprised of geek-punk yarling over dissonant guitarwork. I don’t think anyone would want to steal their sound.

Speaking of musical theft, someone told me these guys are “exactly like Superchunk meets the Ergs,” and if you gave me a couple of tabs of acid I could see it. If anything, they stole the worst of both worlds – terribly nasal vocals stumbling to pop-punk heights over ridiculously mopey unmelodic 90s indie.

Still, why should pop-punk always be positive, and why can’t mopey indie rock have a youthful, whiny flair? Sorry, stupid questions. Yet I’m hesitant to outright say they suck – I don’t think they’re awful, just unlikable and unnecessary.

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