Sgt. Scagnetti “Sgt. Scagnetti Vs. The Army of Darkness”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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This was Sgt. Scagnetti’s first tape, it’s actually one of the first ska records that I bought. They also had also a million people in the band too. Their first song, “Birds of Prey” is an awesome ska song that makes me want to dance. During their whole tape, there is some sound clips, and at the end of the tape; I was sittin in my room and all of a sudden I hear this little girl saying “Now close your eyes and go to sleep.” That freak me out!!!! Other songs that I liked were “Android,” “Lost My Love,” and “Piece of the Action.” If you have Sgt. Scagnetti second CD, then get this if you can find it anyway(It may be out of print).–

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