Sham 69 “Hollywood Hero”

Album Reviews | By on Nov 17th, 2007

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Record Label: SOS Records
Genre: Punk
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After breaking up, the new Sham 69 are back with Dave Parsons and some new members. Founder Jimmy Pursey showed lack of interest in touring and with continuing the band, so others continued on without him. So they is some bad blood between the two groups now. I just don’t know if Sham 69 sounds like Sham 69 anymore. Jimmy’s voice was the band you know? Now it just sounds like a completely different punk band. The band’s new album “Hollywood Hero” still sounds good though. Tim V is a good vocalists, but lacks the snotty Brit sound Pursey had. Fans of Sham 69 might not like this new band Parson has constructed, but I thought they sounded okay.

Bottom Line: It’s Sham 69, but just doesn’t sound like them anymore…
Notable Tracks: Western Culture, I Want Glory
Overall Rating: