Side Walk Slam “Give Back”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Tooth And Nail Records
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I could tell that I liked this band from their first song. Their songs are fast, tight and the singer can actually sing. Gee golly, whadda ya know? It has to take a lot for me to like something and this band seems to have the right elements for a band that I might be into it. I was bopping my head to their songs from the start. I see this band going places, they certainly have that sound that could make them popular. They could be popular now, I have no clue. I’m so out of touch with the kids these days. hehe. I recommend this CD because it’s rockin.

Bottom Line: I think so, sure why not.
Notable Tracks: “Another Tragedy” “Your Eyes” “Bitter End”
Overall Rating: