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Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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I fell in love with the theme to this movie ever since I saw the trailers for this. Creepy violins going fast, repeating the same notes. Everyone keeps comparing this score to Bernard Herrmann’s work and I can definitely hear that. The other theme throughout the movie is a piano doing the violin version of theme, only lower and more pleasant. One part of the score has a similar style to Thomas Newman. It’s sort of like Road To Perdition and American Beauty. At parts of the score, it’s really quite until something happens on the film when the music gets super loud. Before I saw the movie, I can tell something frightening was going. Besides the “Main Titles”, the last two tracks are great as well, “The hand of fate part i” and “The hand of fate part II. ” The last track is a soft sounding song that ends the score very nice. James Newton Howard is getting better and better with each film score. Definitely watch out for him.

Bottom Line: I think so. The score definitely has it’s moments.
Notable Tracks: “Main Title” “Baby Monitor” “The hand of fate part i” “The hand of fate part II”
Overall Rating: