Simple Mischief “Jumping Life’s Fences”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Orange Entropy Reco
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Local New Jersey band, that started back in 1997, and from this album they seem to be a very good energetic band that play all kinds of style from poppunk to a ska sound to even hardcore. I like what I hear. The first two songs start off everything in an upbeat way, in the songs “Lost,” and “Numb,” respectively. Being in a large punk rock and ska scene in New Jersey its hard to receive some attention and these guys are living up to the DIY lifestyle, promoting the hell out of their album and that is awesome because we need more bands that will go the extra mile to have their music heard. If you want to hear more about this band, email me or check out their website at Simple Mischief

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