Sizzla- “Crucial Times”

Album Reviews | Jan 20th, 2010

Record Label: VP Records/Greensleeves
Genre: Reggae/Dancehall
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Sizzla Kalonji is back with another album, in what seems like all he does is pump out a record every 3 months. With “Crucial Times,” Sizzla reunites with producer Homer Harris to bring 13 tracks of pure Sizzla fun and reggae/ dancehall rhythms.

Sizzla’s new record “Crucial Times” album provides a great blend of fun tracks like “Jolly Good Time,” and “Atta Clap,” as well as providing lover’s rock tracks like “Charming,” not to mention spiritual songs direct from his Rastafarian beliefs. There’s also a few songs that you can bop your head to like “Foundation,” and as previously mentioned, “Jolly Good Time” definitely will get stuck in your head.

Sizza Kalonji is now been making music for over 15 years and has well over 40 records. I’m not sure this record is as good as “Praise Ye Jah,” and “Da Real Thing,” but it certainly is up there with plenty of well produced tracks like “Precious Gift” and “Agriculture and Education.” Positivity, peace and Love is some of the themes on this record, and the World should finally take notice.

Bottom Line: Strong, dancehall reggae CD from Sizzla Kalonji
Notable Tracks: Crucial Time, Agriculture and Education, Jolly Good Time, Charming,
Overall Rating:


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