Sizzla “Da Real Live Thing”

Album Reviews | By on Jan 1st, 2003

Record Label: VP Records
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Celebrating Sizzla’s groundbreaking record in 2003 with a special two disc set featuring the hits that helped Sizzla Kalonji explode into the reggae dancehall scene as a major powerhouse. When you listen to “Da Real Live Thing,” it’s one hit after another, most of which you are likely to recognize from reggae and hip hop radio. I can tell you it was one of the most played records at the Damian Marley show I checked out in April. With his unique singing voice, social and cultural lyrics, and great melodies make Sizzla a must see live.

Why not get a small preview with the bonus DVD included with this release? It features a 40 minute set live from VP Records 25th Anniversary show in Miami. I’m waiting for a full length concert from VP. Come on guys, it’ll be the 27th or 30th anniversary by the time it gets released. But I digress. Sizzla is great at playing with constant energy, singing gracefully, and captivating the audience. If that is not enough, check out some extra features on the dvd, like a stage show video, interviews, and a music video for “Thank U Mama.”

Bottom Line: Sizzla’s most successful and popular release to date, with an awesome dvd of concert footage
Notable Tracks: Thank U Mama, Solid As A Rock, Just One of those Days, Why Should I, Women I need You
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