Skaladdin “Far-Off From Okay”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Pimp Records
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This is Switzerland’s Skaladdin’s 2nd release, and was recorded last summer. They have a European ska/third wave/ reggae sound. If I remember correctly, I didn’t really like the first album from Skaladdin, but this one sounds much better. Track 2 is a pretty skankable track that’s dope called “Terrorist Nation.” My only gripe about this Cd is the CD quality is little off key. Kind of sounds muffled a little. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m really picky with audio quality these days. It’s definitely exciting to hear some good ska CDs nowadays with all the indie/emo shite I get. If you are curious, try to order the Cd on PIMP records’ site or Skaladdin’s website.

Bottom Line: If you are in need of a ska fix, yeah sure why not.
Notable Tracks: “Terrorist Nation” “Holiday”
Overall Rating: