Skatamatics “Skaface”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Buy Our Records
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I believe this is The Skatamatics first album and Buy Our Records first release as well. The Skatamatics play the type of ska I heard in the 90’s when every one and their mother was in a ska band, and most of it was crappy. The band isn’t crappy but the production quality is. But then again, this isn’t a band with a huge budget probably. The band doesn’t really have a sort of melody to their songs. It’s like they have that fast guitar ska riff, and then horns and then the singer sings fast. Very generic stuff really. The band needs a lot of work and mature a little bit.

Bottom Line: Ska band that needs to work on their songs a bit.
Notable Tracks: Didn’t have any.
Overall Rating: