Skinheads Still Scare People – “For Life”

Album Reviews | By on Apr 12th, 2009

Record Label: Koi Records
Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Forget all that glossy over produced stuff and get back to what real music sounds like. That’s the first impression I get when I turn this thing on.

Skinheads Still Scare People got that sound that’s real and raw, no excuses, no punches pulled. The inside cover has a nice illustration of this crazy looking skinhead yelling “Oi you!!! Play this CD loud!!!”, and that’s exactly the way it should be played. It’s like your standing in the room with these two guys as they play the tunes just for you. Every beat, every chord progression you can hear and appreciate as if it were a live performance.

They start it off with an instrumental called “Old Blood, New Breed” which warms you up for  “Spin The Bottle” with it’s classic NY sound. Then boom here comes “What Do You Stand For?” like a crack over the head with a baseball bat. Mike D is working over time on that blistering guitar like a mad man. And Vinnie is on overdrive too pounding those drums into the ground. The lyrics blast through your ears and make that song title stick,  a question we should all be asking ourselves. Fittingly they transition into “Jimmy”, a tune about a friend who gave his life “for something we don’t understand” and a plead to stand up and be heard in this time of war and fear. Vinnie V belts out “Never Give In” with some grit and heart about never backing down and standing united with his brothers and birds. Then they close out the album with with a tune anyone can appreciate with it’s tribute to a brother and true friend who is real and feels the same way you feel. In this time we all need to stand close to these people in our life and appreciate what we got.

These guys are clear on their views of whats happening in the world today and make you feel it. You hear their anger, conviction, and strength in every song. Twelve tunes make up this album and an added four bonus tracks hit you at the end from their 2006 EP.

Bottom Line: If you don’t like any bs and want truth in your music, check this album out.
Notable Tracks: What Do You Stand For, It’s Up To Us, never Give In, Jimmy, Spin The Bottle, I Don’t Like You
Overall Rating:


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