Soundtrack “Matrix Reloaded”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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I really like this soundtrack, well mostly the second disc. The first disc is a bunch of rock bands and technoish songs that appear at the end of the credits or heard briefly during the movie. The one song I find myself listening to the most on Disc 1 is Paul Oakenfold’s “Dread Rock.” I don’t know if you hear it in the movie, but that song is really catchy and should have been played more distinctly in the film. Rob Dougon’s “Furious Angels” is the song when Neo fights 3 agents in the beginning the film. I’m really digging the Djs and the film composer working together this time around. It really fits the film well in my opinion. First disc also includes such crappy bands like Dave

Bottom Line: Awesome techno songs mixed with film score is the highlight for me.
Notable Tracks: first disc: Paul Oakenfold-
Overall Rating: