Speaker Speaker “We Won’t March EP”

Album Reviews | Jun 10th, 2007

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Record Label: Burning Building Recordings
Genre: Punk
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Wow, this is bad. The press release, including quotes from all these reputable sources, references the band’s “60s-esque harmonious pop” and compares their sound to Beatles meets Nirvana and Jawbreaker. One dude says they’ve mastered a “50s pop knowledge of power chords.”

Okay… what?

There is absolutely nothing 50s or 60s pop/rock about them, except for maybe just how blandly suburban and provincial this sounds. This is really some seriously generic punk with horribly nasal vocals. If you’re generous, you could say the vocals are Green Day-esque if way shittier, but at least Green Day wrote some good songs.

That grungy indie guitar sound that all the press people mention is straight-up sloppinesss, ignorance of melody, and bad production. Someone compared them to Superchunk, probably because the only passable song on here is “Do You Still Hate Me” which is only decent because they steal the riff from “Precision Auto.”


Bottom Line: The worst elements of Green Day and Superchunk get together to waste your time.
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