Danny Elfman “Spiderman”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Finally a Danny Elfman score worthy of listening to a lot. I was actually disappointed with his POTA score, I liked it at first, than listened to it again and didn’t care for it. The main theme for Spiderman is a cross between Batman, Edward Scissorhands and I guess Planet Of the Apes. I think he accomplished what he wanted to do and making the score sound like spiderwebs, and that effect when Peter Parker shoots them out of his wrist. I like the chorus and chanting over the songs as well. I don’t like how he’s using more synthesizers in his songs more though. Though I guess this is the new trend with film composers. A lot of the rock musicians turned composers are using this style more often now. Just like the rest of Elfman’s scores, they have their moments.

Bottom Line: Elfman fans will like this.
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