Static X “Cannibal”

Album Reviews | Jul 29th, 2007

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Record Label: Reprise Records
Genre: Nu-metal
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I’ve never really been a big fan of Static X and “Cannibal” isn’t going to change my mind. There are some really good guitar parts and the drumming is furious and can almost get to Fear Factory levels, but almost…not quite. One thing that is a big turn off is that they still sound like the genre in which they grew from, the horrendous nu-metal genre. There is also a touch of industrial-techno on some of their songs, which can get very annoying at times.

Static X has the potential to rip the flesh off of people’s faces but instead they tend to dabble too much with synth-sounds and slow boring songs that repeat themselves. And that is why I’ve never been a fan.

Bottom Line: They’re still stuck in their 1999 nu-metal mode.
Notable Tracks: No Submission, Chemical Logic
Overall Rating: