Street Dogs “Back To the World”

Album Reviews | Mar 3rd, 2005

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Record Label: Brass Tracks
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The previous Street Dogs album “Savin Hill” was great, and now this album tops that one! The band had some time to tighten up their sound and get sharper and it shows. The title track “Back to the World” is my favorite song on the album. Each song contains choruses to sing along to or “whoa” to. For the longest time (it seems), I was listening to “Tales of Mass Deception” and “In Defense of Dorchester,” waiting for this album to be released. Those tracks are also extremely catchy, and like I said before, I just kept listening to them until this album came out. Joe from the Bosstones (drums) is now in the band and his drumming talents help out the band. Not that the previous drummer was bad, but Joe is an awesome drummer so. If you are looking for some white collar punk rock, look no further..Get this album and their previous album Savin Hill,” if you haven’t already.

Bottom Line: You’d be pretty stupid not to get this! Yeah that’s right, I called you stupid!
Notable Tracks: “You Alone” “In Defense of Dorchester” “Back to the World” “Tales of Mass Deception”
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