Street Dogs “Savin Hill”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Crosscheck Records
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Been waiting for this Cd since I heard Mike McColgan had a new band! Former singer of the Dropkick Murphys wanted to start up a band again on the side with him being a firefighter and all. Before this full length debut came out, starving punk rockers were craving more from the Street Dogs and had to listen to the mp3 of “Fighter” over and over again. Hey, I was one of them because that song is really fuckin’ great and I think the best track on “Savin Hill.” Don’t worry, there’s plenty more punk rock to love on here like tracks “Cut Down the 12th”, which you can hear on the Fat City Magazine compilation. Street Dogs cover the song “Borstal Breakout,” I think it’s from Sham 69 but not sure on that. But instead of Borstal they say Boston, because they’re from Boston, ya know..ahh fuck it you get the point. My only complaint is sometimes, I can hear Mike’s voice off in some spots but that’s all right. But I shouldn’t really judge since I sing like “Corky” Burke. Another cool thing on this CD is a music video for “Savin Hill” and some interviews. Support this band, even though they might be Boston Bruin fans.

Bottom Line: You might not have heard of the Street Dogs yet, BUT you will!
Notable Tracks: “Savin Hill” “Fighter” “Cut Down The 12th” “When It Ends” “Declaration” “Borstal Breakout”
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