Strung Out “Twisted by Design”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Cords
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Well, it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you buy a CD/LP or whatever from FAT it’ll kick ass. The latest from Strung Out (Twisted by Design) is no exception. It has all the elements a good punk disc should have. Most of the songs are in traditional So-Cal melodic hardcore style. Songs like “Too Close to See” and “Crossroads” have that FAT sound, but with the accent on big almost-hardcore-riffing guitars. Other songs are almost totally hardcore, like “Ice Burn” and “Reason to believe”. To contrast this Strung Out has also put some poppy almost radio-friendly shit on here as well. You can totally hear an 80’s pop-punk influence on “Asking for the world” and a couple of other songs. Good CD’s and good bands are all about contrast and this disc totally has it. If it suffers from anything it would be shitty production. Sometimes the guitars are mixed in way too high and its difficult to make out the vocals. This would be ok if they included lyrics but guess what– they don’t. This CD wasn’t produced by the usual FAT guy (Ryan Greene) and it should have been, cause his stuff is always high quality. Oh well, Twisted by Design…. go buy it.

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