Sugarplum Fairies – “The Images We Get”

Album Reviews | Oct 24th, 2011

Record Label: Starfish Records
Genre: Dream Pop
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Enchanting dream pop with the perfect combination: haunting, crystalline female vocals, clean guitar pop, lightly shuffling drumming, and rich (but not superfluous) production. And, of course, that unexplainable disembodied feeling of floating in chilly space and yet being washed in warm light.

Sugarplum Fairies have a more minimalist folk sound than most; sometimes the only instruments are the vocals and simple guitar strumming. And yet they still produce that nicely narcotic fuzzy feeling, proving that a simple sweetness can be as transcendental as an overproduced hipster jamboree.

Bottom Line: They will dance in your head.
Notable Tracks: Heart Hell, The Images We Get, Jump the Gun, Moth
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