Survivor “Ultimate Survivor”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Volcano/BMG Heritage
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OH YEAH, Survivor! The soundtrack band of 80’s movies (Rocky and Karate Kid). Yeah I admit it, I like Survivor and like them more than Journey! This Cd has 18 classic hits from the band, who I think is now appearing in commercials haha. I guess they have to keep busy somehow right? I personally think they should have done the theme song to the reality show Survivor. How great would that be? Ok, not so great but it would have been pretty funny! But if you are a closet Survivor fan, definitely pick this best of Cd up because it’s got all the classic songs on here. So like 3 haha.

Bottom Line: Obviously if you love Survivor and don’t have a Cd from them, then get this album.
Notable Tracks: “Eye of the Tiger ” “I can’t hold back” “Is This Love” “Burning Heart” “High On You”
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