Teen Agers – “I Hate It”

Album Reviews | Feb 17th, 2014

Record Label: Anchorless Records
Genre: Punk
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Although the Teen Agers are not teenagers anymore, when they were I’m fairly certain that they could be caught listening to Fat Wreck Chords/Hopeless/Lookout/Epitaph bands like No Use For A Name, Sick Of It All, Samiam, Screeching Weasel and a slew of others. Those sounds are very evident on their debut full-length.

From start to finish, “I Hate It”…which I don’t actually…is full of relentless 90’s punk, chock full of melody, guitar riffs and great songwriting all around. There aren’t any boring moments and each track has its own personality and life of its own. One moment you’re engulfed in a vocally melodic track and the next you’re hit with a musically melodic track. It definitely brings me back to the indie punk heyday of my youth. The songs sound familiar, but with enough distinction from the Teen Agers to keep things sounding fresh and the listener on their toes. The band members take turns with vocal duties with each person adding a unique sound to the songs. Usually that stuff sounds forced but these guys have a natural chemistry that makes it work nicely.

With punk rock having a completely different definition than it did 20 years ago, it’s good to hear that there are bands out there that are still carrying the torch of the sounds of yesteryear. “I Hate It” is somewhat of an homage to 90’s punk that still keeps things fresh and original. It really is one of the better straightforward punk albums that I’ve heard in the past few years. Going in, I didn’t know what to expect and I am pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the Teen Agers.

Bottom Line: Fans of 90’s punk rejoice! “I Hate It” harkens back to those days, but with a modern edge.
Notable Tracks: Learn To Swim, Punches, Savor, Well Dressed
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