The Alternate Routes – “Lately”

Album Reviews | Sep 4th, 2011

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Rock
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Poppy, radio-friendly rock, which isn’t always something to sneer at. Good music is good music, and Alternate Routes execute some wonderfully catchy radio-rock tunes, many that scream out for arena (or campfire) sing-alongs.

Although they’re from Connecticut, the band injects some soft twang and heartland swagger. They have a John Mellencamp/Tom Petty vibe with some 90s college rock swirled in (they even have a song called “Lollapalooza,” though it’s a weird psychedelic ballad).

Come to think of it, their slightly edgy, alternative-tinted, feel-good poppiness brings to mind the Replacements. And who doesn’t love the Replacements??

Bottom Line: Feel-good rock that makes me want to dust off my denim jacket.
Notable Tracks: Rocking Chair, Still Can’t Get Enough, many others
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