The Big Takeover – “Children of the Rhythm”

Album Reviews | Apr 21st, 2014

Record Label: Self Released
Genre: Ska/Reggae/Dancehall
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Featuring a full ensemble of horns, keys and rhythm section, The Big Takeover are looking to take over the ska and reggae community with their third full length release titled “Children of the Rhythm”.

The album title is fitting because “Children of the Rhythm” is loaded with rhythm whether it’s coming from soothing reggae sounds, upbeat ska riffs or an infectious dancehall vibe. The sounds are very much so reminiscent of the early days of Motown-influenced Jamaican ska. Add to that the modern influences of dancehall and reggae and there is plenty of variety throughout to make every track interesting.

NeeNee Rushie, who has the lead vocal duties, hails from Jamaica and that direct cultural influence shines through with some soulful and layered vocals. Her voice is a unique sound compared to most traditionally influenced ska/reggae bands nowadays. Top that off with some very talented musical compositions from every aspect of band and you get one hell of a listen.

“Children of the Rhythm” is the perfect album to provide an introductory soundtrack to the upcoming summer. From the sensual and energetic opening album title track to the trad-ska of “Down with the Ship” and “Rain” to the soulful vocals and reggae sounds on “No Way” and “Dolphins”, there is a little something for every rude boy or girl to enjoy.

Bottom Line: A soulful summertime soundtrack that covers everything from traditional ska to dancehall and reggae.
Notable Tracks: Down with the Ship, Dolphins, No Way, Unjust Judge, Tired of Being So Lonely
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