The Convalescents – “Armageddon”

Album Reviews | Jan 28th, 2013

Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Punk
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When a record is produced by Bill Stevenson (ALL, Descendents) you can usually expect two things; one the band obviously shares similarities to ALL or the Descendents and, two they’re going to sound pretty damn good.

“Armageddon” definitely fits the bill of both of those two things. The songs are melodic punk rock gems that would fit right in with the punk movement of the early 90’s. The vocalist of the Convalescents sounds eerily familiar to Chad Price from ALL as well.

To move away from the obvious comparisons, the Convalescents truly have some damn fine catchy tunes. “She’s A Gun” is a straight-forward guitar-driven track that would most likely sound awesome live while the first track on “Armageddon” titled “Scratch Scratch” is a furious punk track that could easily incite a circle pit in two seconds flat. “Hindsight” is another fast catchy song and probably my favorite track on the album.

Quite honestly I don’t think that there is a weak track on “Armageddon”. It’s pretty good from start to finish with tracks that are different enough yet fit the same mold and simple down-to-earth songwriting about everyday lives and problems of four guys in a punk band.

Bottom Line:If you’re a fan of ALL, the Descendents and 90’s punk rock then you owe it to yourself to give the Convalescents a listen
Notable Tracks: Scratch Scratch, Armageddon, She’s A Gun, Hindsight
Overall Rating:


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