The Hellbound Hepcats – “No. 2”

Album Reviews | Oct 21st, 2012

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Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Rockabilly
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The Hellbound Hepcats are another Montreal band on Stomp Records. Hey Stomp, there’s other bands besides Montreal hehe. The band plays catchy rockabilly (think 50’s rock and roll and country) with excellent singing (maybe Elvis is alive after all?)! Out of the newer rockabilly albums I’ve heard, these guys have the right stuff to go far!

“Play With Fire” sets up the band’s second album nicely. The rockabilly isn’t lightning fast like Tiger Army but it’s not slow or anything either. This rockabilly is old school sounding: Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and others.

“Jessie B” and “Underpants Dance” are my favorites and the later is also an amusing track too. Like with most rockabilly songs, a lot of these are about chasing women. I don’t blame them for singing about rockabilly girls. Growl.

Hearing their first album on Spotify, I can tell that the band has stepped it up a few notches in terms of album production. No. 2 just sounds ten times better. This is an excellent rockabilly album and anyone with a pompadour needs to listen to this. Well, I guess people that don’t have pompadours can buy this if they want too.

Bottom Line: An excellent rockin’ rockabilly album!
Notable Tracks: Play With Fire, Jessie B, Underpants Dance
Overall Rating:


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