The Loved Ones – “Distractions”

Album Reviews | Mar 2nd, 2009

Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Genre: Punk
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“Distractions” is the third Loved Ones release on Fat Wreck. This is an EP that features a few original songs and 3 covers. I haven’t really heard too much from the Loved Ones but this EP might have turned me into a fan. The band covers The Boss, Billy Bragg and Joe Strummer. They know who to cover because those are 3 greats right there!

“Distracted” opens the EP and it’s an awesome start to the album. I think it’s one of the best original songs on the album. Out of the all the covers, I thought the best one was Billy Bragg’s cover for “Lovers Town Revisited.” It’s just something about Bragg’s style that fits with The Loved Ones. They cover Bruce Springsteen’s Johnny 99 and Strummer’s “Coma Girl.” “Coma Girl” is an excellent song but I think it’s too soon to cover that one. Shouldn’t there be a time limit on covers; the covers have to be at least 10 years old? Whether or not it’s too new or old, they still put a different spin on the song and it comes out quite well.

The Loved Ones’s EP is only 6 tracks but they are 6 solid tracks. No filler here folks! If you enjoyed their previous releases, this one is excellent!

Bottom Line: an awesome EP by the Loved Ones
Notable Tracks: Distracted, Spy Diddley, Lovers Town Revisited
Overall Rating:


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