The Mighty Fine – “Brothers and Smugglers”

Album Reviews | Mar 10th, 2014

Record Label: Creator-Destructor Records
Genre: Melodic Punk
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Hailing from the Left Coast, San Luis Obispo, California to be exact, this melodic punk band brings back shades of the 90s punk revival (?).

I must be way out of the loop and completely missed the revival of punk bands influenced by the 90s sounds of Epitaph/Fat/Lookout/Asian Man bands. There have been quite a few that have crossed my path over the last few months. While most would seem to have influences derived from the sounds of Sick Of It All or No Use For A Name, The Mighty Fine draw influences from the sounds of Hot Water Music, the Alkaline Trio and the Lawrence Arms. There are melodic raspy vocals, clean buzzing guitars, crisp drumming and solid bass fingering…everything needed to fit into the melodic punk subgenre…according to whoever categorizes this stuff. What I like about The Mighty Fine is that they aren’t consciously trying to sound like any band in particular but their punk influences shine through anyway.

“Brothers and Smugglers” from start to finish is a well-produced, solid, fun punk album. The songs are catchy, energetic and somewhat familiar. I can see this album being a spring/summer cruise selection. For now it’s going to kick winters ass for a while.

Bottom Line: Melodic pop punk reminiscent of early Lawrence Arms or Alkaline Trio stuff from the Asian Man era.
Notable Tracks: Break The Tide, Who’s To Know, Palindrome, Daphne
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