The Negative Nancys – “Sorry, Not Sorry”

Album Reviews | Apr 4th, 2016

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Record Label: SquidHat Records
Genre: Punk
Band Link: The Negative Nancys on Facebook
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Hailing from the city of sin Las Vegas, Nevada, the Negative Nancys plays a brand of punk rock that is as gritty and dirty as the darkest of Vegas alleys. “Sorry, Not Sorry” is the all-female quartet’s debut album on SquidHat Records.

Obviously having never heard of the Negative Nancys before, I was curious as to which style of punk rock they leaned more towards with their style. Would they sound like the obvious Ramones-influenced sounds of the Donnas, were they more street punk like early Distillers stuff or would they grunge it up like L7? As I looked down the tracklist and saw the names of some of their songs (“I Wish Godzilla Was Real” and “Vegan Strip Club Riot”) I knew that they wouldn’t be as stuck up and mainstream as the aforementioned bands.

So where do the Negative Nancys fall on the punk-rock-o-meter? I’m immediately reminded of early 90s punk rock and I would definitely compare them to the bands that were found on Honest Don’s Records. There is enough pop punk sound in there to compare them to J Church and Pulley but they mix in some slightly metal riffs and pogo punk to put them in the same light as Tsunami Bomb.

From start to finish, I found every song on “Sorry, Not Sorry” to quite frankly kick ass. There is energy from the band that seems to be full of passion and energy, something that is lacking in a lot of punk bands nowadays. Their songs also don’t follow any kind of 1-2-3-4 punk rock formula either. “I Wish Godzilla Was Real” has a bouncing bassline and some buzzing guitars that will surely start a circle pit in two seconds flat, while “Headsick” has a jangly guitar riff that reminds me of an Authority Zero song.

If you’re looking for something to break the mold of copycat “punkers”, the Negative Nancys are just the thing for you. There’s more to these ladies than girl power and makeup…it’s an attitude, energy and the flat out ability to rock your face off that makes these girls stand out in the crowd.

Bottom Line: High energy punk rock that never gets stale and will keep your feet moving.
Notable Tracks: Dead Friends, I Wish Godzilla Was Real, Sorry, Not Sorry, Headsick
Overall Rating:


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