The Queers – “Back To The Basement”

Album Reviews | Dec 10th, 2010

Record Label: Asian Man Records
Genre: Punk Rock
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The Queers’ follow-up to Munki Brain is Back To The Basement, an album that sounds like it was recorded during the band’s Love Songs For The Retarded years. The album is your standard Queers album, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I’ve been looking forward to new music from The Queers and the band have delivered another solid punk rock album!

Munki Brain is perhaps one of my favorite Queers album, but I like the direction that the Queers have gone back to. Back to the Basement is in the style that the band usually play live. Short, gritty, snotty, old-school punk songs about girls, tits, punk rock and other things that Joe Queer usually sings about. The band even covers a Black Flag song (“White Minority”) this time around as well. While I love their fast punk rock songs like “Back to the Basement,” “Tit Fuck” and “Fucked In The Head;” I also really like their Beach Boys/Ramones inspired punk rock songs like “Everyday Girl” and “Keep It Punk.” There wasn’t enough of that on this album. Just as you’re really getting into the album, it’s over. But all in all, The Queers continue to do what they have been doing all these years and I couldn’t be happier. I just wish they would play more of their poppier songs live.

Bottom Line: Album is too short and could have used a little bit more pop songs.
Notable Tracks: Back To The Basement, Psychedelic Mindfuck, Fucked In The Head, Everyday Girl
Overall Rating:


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