The Returners – “Lost Souls”

Album Reviews | Dec 24th, 2011

Record Label: Nothing But A Nightmare
Genre: Horror Punk
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The Returners are a horror punk band from Southern California that try to conjure up the lost greatness of the Misfits but end up sounding like another one of those Danzig albums of the 90’s.

I really, really wanted to like “Lost Souls” and the Returners in general. In fact, they’re something that is usually right up my alley but I just found the overall sound of the album to be very repetitive and there really weren’t any standout tracks in my mind. When you have a six-minute long punk song and you find yourself skipping to different parts of the track and it all sounds the same and just like the rest of the album, then you know that something is wrong. I’m reminded a lot of the later AFI stuff and the Danzig bore-rock (there is a Danzig cover on this album…surprise!) than I am of the Misfits or the Necromantix.

The Returners have the potential to sound awesome musically but the songs really fall flat and the only song that provides a change of pace is the last track, “Amanda” but too little too late. If you like 41 minutes of the same song, then check this album out. If not, steer clear and put in the Horrorpops or something.

Bottom Line: The Returners have a bunch of songs that sound the same. Yeah, I know that it’s punk but it is also 2011 not 1977.
Notable Track: Amanda
Overall Rating:


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