The Supervillains – “Massive”

Album Reviews | Apr 12th, 2009

Record Label: Law Records
Genre: Ska/Reggae
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“Massive” is the follow-up to the Supervillains’ debut album “Grow Yer Own.” I didn’t hear that album but this one provides all the goods. You got ska songs to skank to, you got roots reggae to sway to, and you got pot songs to light up to. Well at least I enjoy the first two things…

I saw the Supervillains play in NYC once with Authority Zero and The Expendables and thought they were okay. Now that I have heard their music on CD, I’m impressed. They must have grown as band since the last time I saw them. There’s lots of reggae/ska variety on this disc, and a few guest musicians & singers show up as well. Kyle from Slightly Stoopid performs on the song “The Pit,” Kris Bentley of Inner Circle provides vocals in “Smoke Em” and Bobby Koelble Of Junkie Rush performs on “Get It Oun.” Most of the songs are great but nothing is as good as the band’s excellent cover of Billy Joel’s “Moving Out (Anthony’s Song).” The guys even have some piano and the car crash in there as well. They certainly put all the small details into the song. It’s probably one of the best Billy Joel covers I’ve heard. The reggae beat certainly fits with the song too. The rest of the album is great and certainly a surprise. If you’re a fan of ska and reggae music, The Supervillains shouldn’t be overlooked.

Bottom Line: Excellent follow-up to their debut album!
Notable Tracks: You Got Me, The Pit, Moving Out (Anthony’s Song)
Overall Rating:


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