They Shoot Horses Don’t They? “Pick Up Sticks”

Album Reviews | Jun 23rd, 2007

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Record Label: Kill Rock Stars
Genre: Indie/Art Rock
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This is one of those bands that can be good or bad depending on their intention. See, they play wacky circusy / marching band / experimental jazz rock with flat, jerky vocals.

Now, if they’re going for that dancey but old timey indie rock sound, they’re pretentious and annoying. In fact, you can’t get more pretentious than this.

But if they’re all about the art rock and want to be the next Pere Ubu or Captain Beefheart… well, that might be kind of cool.

So is it indie or art? One is horribly hipsterish, the other semi-respectable. Do I give them the benefit of the doubt, or go with my gut and say they suck?

I’ll give them a 2.5 – safely in the middle. Because in any case, they’re not that great.

Bottom Line: Hipsters with band equipment.
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