Tiger Army “III: Ghost Tigers Rise”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Hellcat
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Man this band has been through a lot this year. Their drummer got shot a zillion times some hoodlums and the guy survives it. Fred Hell still lives with a bullet in his brain. That’s Superman right there. The Man of Steel. Though Fred Hell couldn’t recover in time to record this album so a friend of Tiger Army and drum tech who worked on the previous albums drummed for the band. I’ve listened to Tiger Army here and there but I’ve only just been really getting into rockabilly and TA. My friend is obsessed with Tiger Army and even has a Tiger Army tattoo on his chest. This album seems more tame than the others though. More rock and less punk it seems. Though I have to give this and other albums a listen and compare a bit more. Still, every song on here is excellent. This CD probably won’t leave my CD player for awhile. In Fact, I’d listen to this CD 5 times since I got it the other day.

Bottom Line: Tiger Army deliver another excellent psycho/rockabilly album!
Notable Tracks: “Santa Carla Twilight” “Ghostfire” “Through The Darkness”
Overall Rating: