To The Lions “Baptism Of Fire”

Album Reviews | Aug 2nd, 2007

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Record Label: Goodfellow Records
Genre: Hardcore
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Featuring former members of Confine, Grade, and SeventyEightDays, To The Lions straddles the schools of hardcore with classic-style vocals over chugging midtempo metal.

The mix could potentially work, but To The Lions is sadly lackluster. They simply don’t have the talent, creativity, or rockitude to stand out in metalcore. Don’t get me wrong – I hate the mindlessness of metalcore, but To The Lions’ sludging pace and repetitive, almost nonexistent riffing is almost as bad, and turns their aggression into something wearisome and harmless.

Bottom Line: They’re not crappy screamy metalcore, but they’re not very good either.
Notable Tracks: Nine Calibers
Overall Rating: