Toasters ” In Retrospect”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Stomp
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Third wave Ska kings return with a “best of” record, with “In Retrospect.” 21 tracks of different songs from their many albums with a lot of oldies on here including, “Thrill Me Up,” “East Side Beat,” “Ska Killers,” and an older version of Razor Cut. I prefer Dub 56’s version of Razor Cut. That should have been on the album. Also, was disappointed not to see Dub 56 remix version with Coolie Ranx, rather it was the album version. There’s also a few newer songs on here as well. The Toasters could have gotten a way with doing a 2 disc Best Of Cd. Overall, a great look back at The Toasters. I’m sure there will be plenty of Greatest Hits CDs from the the ska band from NYC.

Bottom Line: Ska fans rejoice and buy the album!
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